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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Celia Stahr, Author, "Frida in America"

May 31, 2023

Please welcome to our show, professor and author Celia Stahr, who wrote this outstanding book, “Frida In America,” chronicling a young Frida Kahlo accompanying her husband, renowned artist Diego Rivera, to America for the first time. Frida wasn’t yet known for her artwork, and the three years she spent on American soil, namely San Francisco, Detroit, New York, inspired Frida to become the political activist and artist she was famous for.

We speak with Celia about Frida becoming politically and socially aware of American social circles, the divide between rich and poor, the cultural divide of white, black, and brown America, where women stood in the framework of this changing country, just a few years after given the right to vote, and much more. All of it helped to shape this 23-year-old woman’s view on the world and ultimately her art. It’s a well-documented, fascinating read.

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