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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Nov 18, 2022

We are honored to welcome Iranian businesswoman and former U.S. Diplomat, Goli Ameri, discussing the human rights violations of women in Iran, highlighted by the death of brutal murder of Iran has been rocked by the biggest protests in years following the death of Masha Amini, who was arrested by the country’s morality police for not wearing her hijab correctly and for sporting skinny jeans. She died in police custody, which then set off a storm of protests globally to put a spotlight on the the atrocities against women there and what can be done about it. 
It’s a complicated situation there, buried beneath a thick layer of culture and politics, and Goli joins us to explain in detail what’s it’s like for women in Iran today, and how increased pressure from the international community could finally break decades of oppression, and murder, again women. 
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