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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Feb 8, 2023

Please welcome to our show famed pizza maker, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and author, Joe Farruggio, whose pizzas in the Georgetown section of DC are a favorite with some very famous residents in the White House to movie stars like Harrison Ford (who also played a U.S. President in one of his films).

Joe’s journey from Sicily is a story to be told, and he did just that in his book, “My Name Is Joe, And I Am A Pizza Man.” This is a terrific read about a man not shy to admit some mistakes, but also celebrate how each step led to his tremendous success, from his Il Canale and 90 Second restaurants, along with A Modo Mio, meaning “My Way,” and Joe wouldn’t have it any other way.

We speak with Joe about family, belief in self, and keeping things simple to keep customers coming back. We also talk about his Italian upbringing and his trip on the Michelangelo ship from Italy was a life changing moment for him.

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