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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Mike Diamond, Speaker & Author, A DOSE of Positivity

Apr 19, 2023

Sometimes, we’re stuck and need to reframe how we look at ourselves. Meet Mike Diamond, author of “A Dose Of Positivity,” and believe me, this is a dose of something we all could use.

Mike talks about his extraordinary spiral from drug addiction, how he found his way to recovery, and now works with others to help them find their way out of whatever is plaguing them, whether it’s drugs, food, alcohol, or anything that holds a person back.

Mike has also been a successful actor, he’s a speaker, husband and father, and when you hear his story, you’ll realize that you’re not alone, and you can help yourself with some specific tools, and a dose of positivity. This is real stuff, not “let’s be happy” sort of stuff.  Mike lays out common sense ways of working through life’s toughest moments, and how to keep up the momentum, too.

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