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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Sep 28, 2022

“This isn’t a job. Hospitality is a vocation,” says #NickRimedio, GM of the trendy
#LaPeerHotel in #BeverlyHills, and soon, Nick will join the #WHollywood.
We spoke with Nick on #DeborahKobyltLIVE and our #LittleItalyPodcast, and he told
what what’s helped him become a success: his NONNA (and of course hard work!)
Nick credits his #Italian #grandma with giving him the discipline and confidence to do
anything in life, and we talk about some of the non-traditional routes he’s taken to
get to where he is today, and it started in the kitchen.
Join us for our conversation with Nick, LIVE on all of our video and audio platforms,
and invite your friends, too. Sometimes, the path to success isn’t an Ivy business
school, but it’s the schooling we get from our families that give us the edge.