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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Dec 5, 2023

We are pleased to welcome to our show, Raffaella Valentini, esteemed Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles.

Raffaella has years of experience having worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, overseeing projects promoted by Italy in the Balkins, North Africa, and Middle East. She’s also worked at the Embassy’s economic office in Albania and Cairo before coming to Los Angeles. Raffaella has keen ideas on how she sees her position here, as it covers a large territory from California to Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, and she wants to make sure to serve the various economic and cultural groups in each region.

For example, Los Angeles is so vast, and she sees her job as serving the many Italians and Italian Americans from each area in a variety of capacities including science, technology, film, food, travel, and more. And as a
woman in such high office, she also knows how important it is to set an example for other women looking to leave their mark in political office.
We will talk with Raffaella about her role with the cultural institute, as well as delve into her early life. Did she always want to be a diplomat? Were her parents in public service? What is perhaps the greatest challenge she sees serving the Los Angeles community? What are her immediate goals here? And for those Americans asking, the Consulate can guide on how to
apply for an Italian passport, but it is not necessarily their job.

I can tell you Raffaella has already left her mark. She is poised and a sharp learner. Diplomatic and effective. But there’s lots of work she wants to get done, and we’ll talk to her about that, too.

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